ID Badges

Returning parents and students should have their cards from last year, if they have been lost please contact Reception for a replacement.

Parents: Please wear your ID Card at all times when on campus.

Students: Do not need to wear them but should have them every day.

Primary students generally leave theirs in class and take them to lunch if they are getting food from the canteen.

Middle and High school students should have them with them every day, the cards give them door access and students can pay for lunch using them.

Grade 2 and up can use their cards to purchase lunch.

If you forget yours, please check in at Reception.

Have a visitor? Please check in at Reception for a Visitor’s pass.


Lost and Found

The main lost and found room is located on Floor 1. Facing the canteen, turn right at reception, go through the double glass doors and this room is the second on the right.

There are also lost and found areas near the primary school pods on floor 2 and near the gyms.

Lost bottles and lunch boxes are on a table in the canteen.

Lost & Found Property is displayed near the entrance on the first Wednesday of the month. Anything not claimed by Friday afternoon will be donated to the Red Cross.