Welcome CIS and to Copenhagen.

The role of the Newcomers Committee and the PTA is to help ease your transition to life in Copenhagen and to offer opportunities for connecting with others in the CIS community.

We know that moving to a new community can be daunting and we aim to help make the transition as smooth as possible. We offer a Buddy program where we link new families with a returning CIS family who acts as your guide and helps you navigate CIS and Copenhagen.

Looking forward to meeting you in the coming months.

Newcomer's Group

CIS has a Classlist Group built for Newcomers. This group will discuss many topics to include: Where to shop for items, Upcoming gatherings (in-person or virtual), recommendations from the community on many topics, and more. Please join this group or email Jessica (js@cispta.dk) or Therese (to@cispta.dk) for any questions or if you just want to chat.

Learning Support Families

CIS Learning Support Families is a support group for families with children receiving learning support. We formed this group to share experiences, knowledge and support.

If you would like to join us, we would love to meet you at one of our upcoming meetings. These meetings are open to the whole CIS community. We have a group on Classlist. Please request to join.

You can also reach out to our Learning Support Coordinator on the PTA: Delia Browne- (delia@cispta.dk).

Mums & Dads

Ladies' Night

There is a Ladies' Night Group on Classlist for the Mums to join.

CIS Dads

For all dads with kids at CIS. We get together in the evening 3-4 times over the school year.

E-mail: pta.cisdadsclub@gmail.com

STUDS (Spouses Trailing Under Duress Successfully)

A Copenhagen chapter of the international trailing spouse/Dads -

- which is made up of both CIS dads, as well as other local area non CIS trailing spouses.

We get together for lunch roughly once a month, occasional outings and often a handful of us for coffee in the CIS canteen after morning drop off.

E-mail: cphstuds@gmail.com