Health Care

Danish Health Care is free and you will be assigned a doctor/læge once you have registered at your local municipality/kommune.

You can find the contact details of your doctor on your CPR Card/Sundhedskort.

What to do in an emergency?

There are two emergency numbers in Denmark - 112 & 1813.

When to call 112

Call the emergency telephone number 112 if you need urgent medical assistance with acute, life-threatening illness or with an injury.

You should call 112:

  • when you need an ambulance

  • in case of an accident

  • in case of fire

  • You can call 112 24 hours a day.

A healthcare professional decides what service you require.

When to call 1813?

1813 is the health emergency line in The Capital Region of Denmark. 1813 is staffed by physicians and nurses who are able to guide you to proper and quick help and assistance when your GP is closed.

You should call 1813

  • when your own læge / physician (GP) is not available.

  • always before going to the emergency room.

Please note: You should always call 1813 before you go to the emergency room.

24 Hour Pharmacies

Københavns Steno Apotek

Vesterbrogade 6C , 1620 Copenhagen V.

Tel: +45 33 14 82 66,

Københavns Sønderbro Apotek

Amagerbrogade 158, 2300 Copenhagen S

Tel: +45 32 58 01 40,

Lyngby Svane Apotek

Lyngby Hovedgade 27, 2800 Lyngby

Tel: +45 45 87 00 96,

Need to see a doctor?

If you need to see a doctor, the contact details of your own physician / GP / læge are shown on your Sundhedskort or Health Insurance Card (“yellow card”).

If you need help outside of your own doctor’s normal surgery hours, then you should phone 1813, the emergency line in The Capital Region of Denmark. Note that the automatic voice is in Danish. Stay on the line and wait until a person answers. All of the doctors speak English.

1813 is staffed by physicians and nurses who are able to guide you to proper and quick help and assistance 24 hours a day. For example, they can refer you to a hospital emergency department or an urgent care centre, or send a doctor to you.

If they do refer you to the emergency department, they will be able to advise you of which hospital emergency department or urgent care centre has the shortest waiting time. You will be informed about when you can expect to be examined and treated, which means that you can wait at home if there is waiting time. If you visit a hospital emergency centre or an urgent care centre without an appointment, you will receive help according to your needs, but you will normally have to wait longer.

Medical Practitioner Recommendations


  • Svaneklinikken: Østerbrogade 148, 2100 København Ø, 39 29 47 41.

  • Dr. Birgitte Mikkelson: Ordrupvej 101, First Floor, 2920 Charlottenlund. 39 64 00 21

  • Colosseumklinikken: Østergade 1, 3. Sal., 1100 København. 33 12 24 21.

  • Dr. Daniel Taro Okuno: Ordrupvej 78C, 2920 Charlottenlund. Tel: 39 63 99 33.

Dermatologists / Hudlæge

  • Ida-Marie Stende: Hans Edvard Teglers Vej 9, 2920 Charlottenlund. 39 63 11 82

  • Hudklinikken Østerbro: Østerbrogade 125, 2100 København Ø, 35 38 78 50


  • Isabel de la Fuente Fonnest: Classensgade 3 A, 2100 København. 35 42 43 49

  • Christine Felding : Gynækologisk Klinik, Rungsted. 48 17 62 50

Ophthalmologists / Øjenlæge

  • Hanne Göte: Frederiksborggade Øjenklinik. 33 32 30 01

  • Klaus Trier: Tingskiftevej 6, 2900 Hellerup. 39 62 56 63

Paediatricians / Børnelæge

  • Seija Pearson: Olai Gade 39, 3000 Helsingør. 49 22 41 20

  • Lise Lykke Thomsen: Jaegersborgvej 66A, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby. 45 93 28 98

  • Marianne Schmiegelow: Nybrogade 10, 2. Sal, 1203 København K. 33 32 22 90.

Physiotherapists, osteopaths & chiropractors (“fysioterapeut, kiropraktor”)

  • Lotte Brath Jensen (osteopath): Lyngbygårdsvej 100, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, 21 91 03 58.

  • Sigga Husted-Andersen (chiropractor): Aurehøj Klinikken, Aurehøjvej 12, 2900 Hellerup, 39 62 00 61.

  • Johan Hellemose (chiropractor): Kiropraktik i Centrum, Linnésgade 25, 3. sal, 1361 København K, 33 12 39 20

  • Malene Krause (osteopath): Vedbæk Stationsvej 20, 2950 Vedbæk, 40 62 15 61.

  • ProAlign (sports physio): Hvidkildevej 64, 2400 København NV, 25 67 76 05

Civil Defence Alarm System

This signal is for major peacetime disasters. If you hear the alarm stay indoors and listen to Radio Denmark. This alarm is tested annually at noon on the first Wednesday in May. More information here

Dentist / Tandlægerne

Under 18

The health care system in Denmark offers free dental care to every child with a CPR number until the age of 18. After you have registered at a Danish Kommune, you will be invited to an appointment for each of your children. Appointments are often sent through e-Boks so make sure you have registered and check in regularly. The quality of care is very high. If you need emergency dental treatment before the appointment, the nurse in the school health office can help book an appointment with a local dentist.

Orthodontia is also covered for children. If required, your child's dentist will make a recommendation for an orthodontic assessment.

Over 18

Dental work is not covered by the Danish healthcare system for persons over 18 so you will need to seek private dental care.

Emergency Dentists

You can also call the 1813 Helpline for advice.

  • Tandcity: Oslo Plads 14, 2100 Kbh Ø (near Østerport Station), 35 38 02 51

  • Dentalklinikken: Havnegade 51, 1058 København K, 70 22 35 30



The most common method of transport in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.

There are a lot of rules applicable to cyclists and many of them appear to be unique to Denmark! Avoid being caught out and landing a heavy fine by checking out this Article about cycling safely in Denmark published August 2019 by Your Danish Life.

Bus & Train

To find your route, on trains, metro or buses visit or download the app.

Copenhagen is divided into Zones, and you must pay depending on how many zones you travel through. The easiest way to discover how many zones you need is to go to Rejseplanen and put in your address. Select “See more” on one of the journeys, then click “See price for this journey”. You will then be able to see exactly how many zones your journey encompasses and a comparison of prices with the different ticketing methods.

You must have a valid ticket. Inspectors check tickets regularly and fines are harsh. Ignorance is not usually an acceptable excuse. There are many ways to buy a ticket.

Rejsekort is the easiest and most flexible option. There are several card types and info can be found at

You can buy a Rejsekort for adults and children who have a CPR number at Central Station. The concept is that you buy a travel card that you add money to, and every time you travel, you check in and out by scanning the card on the large blue “buttons” at the entrances to train stations and buses, and the price for your journey is then withdrawn from your card balance. Just don’t forget to check in and out! You can download this app if you forget to check out

If you use public transport regularly, then a monthly pass will probably be your best option. You can buy a paper monthly pass at most 7-11 as well as Central Station. A passport size photo is needed.

Anonymous cards for adults and children can be purchased at 7/11’s near stations, require a minimum balance and cannot be loaded online.

If you are taking your bike on the train, remember that you need a ticket for your bike on regional (Ø) trains and the Metro, but taking your bike on the red S train is free but you should check it in.

Driving & Parking

Public Parking in Copenhagen - all you need to know can be found here

A useful app is EasyPark, which allows you to pay for parking via your mobile phone. No more searching for change! You can download the app to your phone in English. With locations services on, the parking area is automatically identified or you can enter the code found at the pay machines nearby.

The EasyPark code for the CIS car park is 4173 (Levantkaj). Always check that you have entered the correct code. If you enter an incorrect code, you will pay for parking and may still receive a parking fine and contesting parking fines is rarely successful.

In many areas outside the city, you don’t need to pay but you do need to set the parking clock in your car. It is acceptable to set it at the next quarter hour (e.g. if you park at 08.20, then you can set your clock to 08.30). Check the signs carefully to see how long you are allowed to park.

Follow these rules to avoid getting a parking ticket!

  • Set your parking clock and don’t outstay the maximum time allowed.

  • Do not park or stop less than 10 metres from an intersection, measured from the closest edge of the intersection or cycle track.

  • Do not park or stop on pedestrian crossings or in front of exits from cycle tracks.

  • Park or stop at least 5 metres from pedestrian crossings or in front of exits from cycle tracks. Park or stop at least 5 metres from the beginning of double white lines dividing the road into lanes.

  • Do not park or stop next to a double white line, if less than 3 metres from it.

Car Sharing

LetsGo: gives you easy access to a car in the city. When you need a car, you just book it and pick it up in its fixed parking spot. Access to a car through LetsGo is cheaper than owning your own car. You will only pay for the kilometres and hours you have booked the car. Our cars fit different needs. We have everything from micro- and electric cars to station wagons and box vans!

DriveNow: As a customer with DriveNow, you have easy access to hundreds of cars in and around Copenhagen – directly on your phone. With the DriveNow app, you can find and reserve a car, open it and drive directly to where you want to go. When you have parked the car correctly, you lock it and end the trip in the app.


Both have apps that can be downloaded to make booking easier

  • Dantaxi: 4x48, Tel: 48 48 48 48

  • Taxa: 4x35, Tel: 35 35 35 35

Restaurant Recommendations

All restaurants here have been recommended by the CIS Community. Let us know if you have one for us to add to the list.


  • Sticks n Sushi

  • Watami Sushi, Ermelundsvej 88, 2820 Gentofte, 39 65 69 20

  • Hidden Dimsum, Nytorv 19, Kbh, 33 12 88 28

  • Bistro Boheme: Esplanaden 8, 1263 København K, 70 22 08 70. Fabulous French fusion food. Good service. Great atmosphere.

  • Kiin Kiin: Guldbergsgade 21, 2200 København N, 35 35 75 55. Thai food with a modern twist with every detail meticulously thought through. One Michelin star - very rare for a Thai restaurant to receive and the only one in Denmark!

  • WokShop: Branches in Hellerup, Lyngby & Østerbro. Swift service with great basic Thai food in a modern atmosphere. Always packed and no reservations, so be prepared to wait. There is a bar area to pass your time. Couples are often placed together at a larger table, so get ready to know your neighbour.

Bistro / Casual

  • Cafe Zirup: Læderstræde 32, 1201 Kbh K, 33 13 50 60. If you need something casual, this place is great, always packed, good cafe food in a great neighborhood.

  • Midtown Grill: Kalvebod Brygge 5, 1560 København V, 88 33 12 31. Following the tradition of the old American steakhouses, at Midtown Grill you will find the best steaks in town. The brunch also comes highly recommended.

  • Pastis: Gothersgade 52, 1123 København, 33 93 44 11. French Bistro food. Casual atmosphere and good service. Outdoor seating available when the weather allows it.

  • Rizraz: Kompagnistræde 20, 1208 Kbh K, 33 15 05 75. Or Store Kannikestræde 19, 1169 Kbh K, 33 32 33 45. Riz Raz is famous for its reasonably priced Mediterranean buffet. One of the cheapest places to eat in Copenhagen.

  • Skovshoved Kro: Strandvejen 267, 2920 Gentofte, 39 90 58 11. A nice, child-friendly cafe. They also have a nice restaurant next door in the hotel.

  • Aamann: Øster Farimagsgade 10, 2100 København Ø, 35 55 33 40. Classic Danish food with a contemporary edge.

  • Schønemann: Hauser Plads 16, 1127 København K, 33 12 07 85. The traditional way to discover Danish cuisine and atmosphere. Don’t forget to book in advance.

  • Restaurant Told og Snaps: Toldbodgade 2, 1253 København K, 33 93 83 85. Serves tasty smørrebrød of high quality.

Danish Fusion

Southern European Cuisine with a twist from the Nordic kitchen

  • Cofoco Restaurants: Cofoco currently has 10 very different restaurants in Copenhagen. There are French and Italian cuisine, as well as South American and Nordic cuisine. Cofoco also offers wine menus, and some restaurants have a la carte as well. Reservations are necessary.

  • Café Norden: Østergade 61, st., 1100 København K, Danmark, 33 11 77 91.

  • Café Victor: Ny Østergade 8, 1101 København K, 33 13 36 13.

  • Den Lille Fede: Store Kongensgade 17, 1264 København K, 33 33 70 02. Superb service, five course menu with wine pairings, very cozy atmosphere. Outdoor seating in the summer.

  • Det Lille Apotek: Store Kannikestræde 15, 1169 Kbn K, 33 12 56 06. Probably Copenhagen’s oldest restaurant. It has been feeding Copenhageners since 1720.

  • Kanalen: Wilders Plads 2, 1403 København K, 32 95 13 30. A lovely, cosy restaurant with wine pairing.

  • 108: Strandgade 108, 1401 København K, 32 96 32 92. Noma’s little sister. Tickle your tastebuds for a slightly more modest price.

  • Madklubben Restaurants: Excellent food at reasonable prices can be found at these 9 otherwise very different restaurants in and around Copenhagen. The restaurants are unpretentious and relaxed, and the food of high quality.

  • Relæ: Jægersborggade 41, 2200 Copenhagen N, 36 96 66 09. A gourmet restaurant. The owner and head chef Christian Puglisi comes with an impeccable CV that includes Spain's El Bulli restaurant as well as Noma.

Family Friendly

Locations: Elmegade Kbh N, Århusgade Kbh Ø, Gammel Kongevej Frederiksberg

  • Cocks & Cows, many locations across Kbh. High quality burgers and shakes.

  • Halifax Burger, Triangelen 1, 2100 København Ø, 82 30 32 00. A popular choice for high quality burgers.

  • Wulff og Konstali, many locations including Waterfront Mall, Hellerup,. Great for breakfast and brunch.

  • American Pie Company, Skindergade 25 & Vesterbrogade 46, your hit of Americana

  • Union Kitchen, Store Strandstræde 21, 1255, København K, 33 14 54 88. Mid price, fun ambience, best for adults who crave eggs Benedict

  • Tivoli Food Hall

  • Boathouse, Strandgade 85A, 1401 København, 70 70 24 27. Beautiful location by the water: hygge in winter, nice outdoor seating in summer.


  • Le Basilic: Gasværksvej 5, 1656 København V, 33 31 83 05. Le Basilic is a small French paradise in the middle of Copenhagen.

  • Le Pavé: Gråbrødretorv 14, 1154 København K, 33 13 47 45. A popular and reliable French restaurant.

  • Le Sommelier: Bredgade 63, 1260 København K, 33 11 45 15. French restaurant and winebar.

  • Saint-Jacques: Sankt Jakobs Pl 1, 2100 København, 35 42 77 07. Rather bizarrely, this place designed its interior to look like a small church in the heart of Østerbro. Menu items change frequently, based on the inspiration of the chef and the availability of ingredients.


  • India Royale: Lyngby Hovedgade 51, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, 45 41 40 42. Good, reliable Indian food.

  • Kardemomme: Maglemosevej 1, 2900 Hellerup, 70 20 10 48. Eat in or takeaway. Reservations not always necessary. There is another branch in Lyngby.


  • Vapiano, Vesterbrogade & Frederiksborrgade

  • Armando’s Trattoria: Brogårdsvej 25, 2820 Gentofte, 39 63 50 50. Friendly staff, great food, great service.

  • Altopalato: Duntzfelts Allé 3, 2900 Hellerup, 39 61 94 05. a refined northern Italian cuisine.

  • Casa d’Antino: Dronningens. Tværgade 43, 1302 København K, 33 15 15 05. Northern Italian cuisine.

  • Famo: Gl.Kongevej 51, 1610 København V, 33 22 22 50. Saxogade 3, 1662 Copenhagen V, 33 23 22 50. Great Italian, Famo is the original in Vesterbro, serving a classic Italian, five course fixed menu.

  • La Vecchia Signora: Grønnegade 12-14, 1107 København K, 33 16 00 48. Casual, family friendly, services basic pasta and fire baked pizzas.

  • La Lanterna: H.C. Ørstedsvej 28, 1879 Frederiksberg C, 33 31 33 00. One of the best Italian restaurants in town with a true Italian atmosphere.

  • L’osteria del Grappolo Blu: Vester Farimagsgade 37, 1606 København V, 33 12 57 20. Cosy, family run restaurant displaying rustic wood panelling and ornate carving. Set menu offers well-prepared, authentic Italian antipasti and tasty pasta.


  • Shawarma Grill House: Frederiksberggade 36, 1459 København K, 33 12 63 23. On the popular pedestrian street of Strøget, you will find several small Shawarma restaurants. This is the oldest and biggest of them all.


  • Taco Al Paso: Strandvejen, Hellerup. Recommended to try the burritos!


  • x

Plant Based

  • Souls: Østerbro - 34 10 01 01, Nørre Farimagsgade 63 - 33 30 01 50

Special Occasion

  • Den Gule Cottage, Strandvejen 506, 2930 Klampenborg, 39 64 06 91. Great reviews on service, food and settings.

  • Søllerød Kro, Søllerødvej 35, 2840 Holte. 1 Michelin Star, Best Restaurant Nordic Countries 2018

  • Era Ora: Overgaden Neden Vandet 33B, 1414 København, 32 54 06 93. The only Italian restaurant in Scandinavia to hold a Michelin star. Set menus with wine pairings, great for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

  • Geranium: Per Henrik Lings Allé 4, 2100 København Ø, 69 96 00 20. Many consider Geranium to be the best restaurant in Copenhagen. The Michelin Guide would agree, having awarded the restaurant three Michelin stars. A wonderful dining experience for a special occasion.

  • Noma: Refshalevej 96, 1432 København K. Voted the best restaurant in the world...need we say more? Book WELL in advance! The focus is on innovative Nordic cooking and seasonal ingredients. Fixed price menu - many, many courses!


All recommendations come from the community, let us know if there is a gem we can add to this list.

  • Mikkeller Bar: Viktoriagade 8 BC, 1655 København V, 33 31 04 15. A fantastic brew pub in Vesterbro. Interior is sort of a crossover between bar and pub. Well worth a visit if you have any interest in beer, and a nice drinking hole even if you don't.

  • Nørrebro Bryghus: Ryesgade 3, 2200 København N, Tel: 35 30 05 30. They brew their own beer and have a casual cafe downstairs and restaurant upstairs.

  • Ølbaren: Elmegade 2, 2200 København N. The place if you want to try a few different beers in a relaxed environment. A wide selection of beers on tap and bottled.

  • Ruby: Nybrogade 10, 1203 København K, 33 93 12 03. Ruby is a laid back cocktail bar, with outstanding cocktails and service.

  • Vinoteque at Nimb Hotel: Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577 København, 88 70 00 00. A unique wine bar at Nimb Hotel (next to Tivoli) offering a large collection of exclusive wines. Fun place to go for a glass of wine or cocktails before heading to dinner.


Recommended by CIS families is Bernstorffsparken, where dogs have pleanty of room to run about off leash.


Pet Boarding

Pet supplies

Dog Walker / Sitter

  • The Pet-Agrees: Recommended by many CIS families, the owner is a vet.


Household Tips

Dealing with Hard Water

  • For preventative care, keep a glass scraper in your shower and scrape the walls and glass doors after every use.

  • For regular cleaning try Ajax bathroom gel, Lime Lite power gel, Afkalker, or Cillit Bang to keep water stains at a minimum. Kalkfjerner and afkalker has also been recommended for clogged shower heads. Soak in the detergent and scrub with a brush.

  • For longer and older stains try a paper towel soaked in kalkuploesning on top of the stain overnight. Using strips of cloth soaked in vinegar and wrapped around stained chrome is also helpful. Vinegar also works well in showers.

To remove limescale build-up in your electric kettle or coffee pot, plain vinegar (“eddike”) does the trick. Run some through the coffee maker, or boil a little in the bottom of your kettle and rinse well.

Washing Machines

Kill mould with Hexophosphate – (sold at Matas) add ½ dl to every load of laundry. Hexo doesn’t affect whites or colors and prevents smelly clothes. Also, consider using Hexo once a month in the anti-kalk dispenser at 95 degrees to fully sterilize the machine.

Don’t forget to use Kalk Fjerner (anti-kalk is available either in powder or tablets) in your washing machine to avoid a build-up of limescale on your clothes and in the mechanics of the machine. This should also allow you to reduce the amount of detergent.

The dryers can be quite harsh on knitwear, so be a good Dane and drip dry your things on a drying rack!! Many of the European dryers have a special drain that needs to be cleaned out regularly (ask your landlord about this).


For the dishwasher, you will need to add dishwasher salt. It is sold next to the dish soap. There is a special container in the machine for the salt at the bottom of the machine.

To prevent your glasses & dishes being left with a chalky film on them, put a teaspoon of citronsyre (available from Matas) in the dishwasher tablet holder with the tablet in every wash. Also recommended to use Rinse Aid in each wash.