The Copenhagen International School Parent Teacher Association (CIS PTA) is a nonprofit voluntary association made up of parents, legal guardians, and staff at the Copenhagen International School (CIS).

The role of the CIS PTA is to create a welcoming community for all. We provide opportunities for parents to get involved and have staff and students socialise and enjoy our wonderful school.

At CIS, all parents and staff are automatic members of the PTA.

Volunteer opportunities: There are many opportunities, both big and small, for you to get involved in life at CIS.

A great opportunity to meet others while doing good for the community! Please click on the blue button above and have a chat with us.

PTA Leadership Team

Chair: Merri Carnahan-

Chair Elect: Sharon Cunningham-

Treasurer: Anneke Tilma-

Felix Jing-

Secretary: Sara Himes-

1st Vice Chair: Nikki Moffitt-

2nd Vice Chair: Barbara Daniels-

Coordinator Positions:

Parliamentarian: Lia Burnham-

Primary School: Marta Casagolda Arroyo-

Secondary School: Dina Honour-

Learning Support: Delia Browne-

Cria Madigan-